About Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Video Introduction

Wild Apricot is an online (cloud-based) membership management and website content management platform, best suited for new, small, or medium sized organizations. Wild Apricot is very competitively priced as well, with paid plans starting at just $25/month (not set up fees, additional transaction fees, or per-member fees).

Instead of maintaining a separate membership management system, webpage editing software, website hosting, event calendar and registration, online fundraising and payments, emailing tool and discussion forums, you can use Wild Apricot for all these tasks.

One of the key advantages of Wild Apricot versus competitors is how customizable it is. You are not stuck with the default website and email newsletter templates – partners such as DotCreativity can bring virtually any design you have in mind to the platform.


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Wild Apricot Ranked #1 of most popular Membership Software packages by Capterra:
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